Let's get down to dog talk.
I'm an eight-time dogmama. Living with dogs (especially multiple dogs) skews your priorities a bit off center. Humor (along with a reckless disregard for material possessions) certainly helps. The little dears shape our world in ways that make non-dog people shudder. You know what I mean. These stories are for you - all the dogmamas, dogpapas, and dogsiblings. 
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Yes, we're BACK!  ...again...
This site was not updated for quite some time - and even disappeared for a while.  But now it's back with new tales - and more to come - so please visit again and pass the word that Tale Waggers is back with a new address!


See where all this insanity comes from...Meet the FurKids
(including the newest pack member - rescue dog Cooper!)

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What's NEW? 
Finally...the tale of how Holly came to join the pack as
The Emergency Back-up Dog


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