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A Pup in the House
Surviving a new puppy, including: housebreaking, crate training, toys, puppy proofing your home and more
The Poop on Puppies
How to choose your next dogchild
Tips for Living with Senior Dogs
Our older friends have special needs

Dogs at the Wheel
Tips for travel with canines


Valentine's Day
Count the Ways...

Mother's Day
(dog)Mother's Day

Tricks on Treaters
Tales of Terror!
Things that go BUMP in the Night

Turkey Day!

A Teeny Weenie Christmas
Tracks in the Snow
Dear Santa
The Christmas Boy
Doggy Holidays

and last but not least...

Doggie Carols
New lyrics for your favorite holiday tunes!



A note from dogmama: Some of these tales are turning up renamed and minus any credit on various doggie sites.  These tales and articles are free, but this material is copyrighted, so please don't steal from mama. Stealing free stuff makes you look silly! If you'd like to use any of the stories or articles for the greater good of dogdom - all you have to do is ask!


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