Title: Me, not her  Photo:  Emma, Glorious Emma

In my dreams, it's me - not her...

She comes from the best of families. Her father was a champion - so handsome his photo appeared in magazine ads. A natural radiance is her birthright. Her eyes are bright and her silky hair has just a touch of stylish curl. Everywhere she goes, she is the center of attention. Her days are spent in idle amusements. She does not toil unless it suits her. She wakes up beautiful, every hair in place. Her nights are spent cuddled up next to MY husband, her leg tossed over his side. She sleeps late.

In summer, she saunters along the beach, wind blowing in her hair. She is slim and lithe with a dainty waist. She moves effortlessly along. All eyes are upon her...You can hear the appreciative murmurs as she passes by. Some of the bolder admirers will approach her and take their chances with her whims. Sometimes she is cold - sometimes coy, but no one ever leaves her side disappointed.

She has great power. She's the boss...and a bit of a bully. The others do not cross her. She is swift and agile and she likes to play rough. Games of skill do not interest her - games of dominance and conquest are her daily fare. Her every need is anticipated and met. Dinner is presented at the appropriate time. Dainty treats are offered throughout the day to brighten her mood. Bedtime is whenever is suits her. Naps are frequent - with lounging facilities placed in every room to accommodate her. Gifts are tossed at her feet - leaving her to choose among them. All her decisions...are final.

Her manners are somewhat less than perfect, yet no one dares complain. She can chew her toenails at will, scratch herself whenever and wherever she pleases. She snores loud enough to wake the dead and her gastric tract is often nearly as loud. She can belch (or worse) on cue and finds it entertaining. Her moods are hard to predict and her sense of humor is unfathomable. Those she loves are showered with shameless displays of affection. Those deemed not worthy are shunned. She makes her choice in an instant and seldom reconsiders. All social graces are optional where she is concerned, yet she is still beloved.

ME, I want to scream! Me, not her!
I want her life! I want to look gorgeous, live wild, play hard and love unabashedly! I want the world to spin around my desires.

But it can never be. It's HER, not me...
Emma has taught me the real meaning of the phrase "life's a...bitch"



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